Tuesday, 6 April 2010

The Sex Appeal Of A Telephone Booth?

Now I am open minded about a lot of things but since when has a telephone booth conjured up images of sex? It's not like you can easily fit more than one person in them after all. Unless you're a midget like me...Hm, I'm getting ideas now...

Ahem, excuse me I got distracted. Before anyone gets too worried about my sanity, I am actually talking about the brand new series of Doctor Who and the criticisms it had received about it being too sexy. Complaints were made to the BBC about the TARDIS which has taken the form of a police telephone box since the 1960s and how it has been 'sexed up'. I am intrigued as to how you sex up a phone booth, cover it in lace and leave whips, chains and other apparel lying around inside? Then there were the slightly more plausible raised eyebrows over the Doctor, played by Matt Smith, having a companion called Amy Pond (Karen Gillan) who spent some of the episode dressed up in a 'sexy' police kissogram outfit. Complaints were levelled at the writers for ruining Doctor Who by focussing on tarty women and implications of nudity, such was the 'outrage'.

Maybe I missed this hardcore porn movie that occured before the watershed last Saturday night because that's not what I saw. In fact, I barely took any notice of Amy Pond, the TARDIS swimming pool and the Doctors nudity which was actually merely a shot of his torso. It's a little flesh and innuendo people, there were no nipples, cocks, balls or anything else which could be seen to be even hinting towards any of the characters getting down and dirty. It actually makes me sad that parents are that uncomfortable about the content of the episode and the message that sends out to their children. If there are questions raised around the dinner table about why Amy Pond couldn't take her eyes off the 'naked' Doctor, be a responsible parent and explain it rather than rushing off to mutate into a Keyboard Warrior wasting their time raging about something that's been and gone.

Personally I'm more concerned about the fact that David Tennant is no more.

Credit: The Daily Telegraph for the original story.

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  1. Ah, touche good sir, but people forget that innuendo and 'sexing up' Doctor Who (the show, not necessarily the character) is not a new fad. Aside from the concept of a character running about the place, waving his 'Sonic Screwdriver' around, and randomly inviting women into his 'special box', which is supposedly bigger than it first seems, it is worth noting that his companions have not been against dressing down before. Who remembers Peri Brown, the Fifth/Sixth Doctor's companions... I mean companion?

    In all seriousness, there was nothing wrong with it, at least not in that sense. If they could get away with Jack Harkness (John Barrowman), and all the death and destruction, then what's wrong with a miniskirt and an OFF SCREEN naked Doctor?