Sunday, 4 April 2010

A Rambling Midget?

If I was a product, I could probably be accused of false advertising. Technically I am not quite a midget, in fact I'm probably more an imp than anything else. No not even that, what I actually am is a 31 year old guy in a wheelchair because of a condition called Brittle Bone Disease that's made me a little on the short side. It's not a disability that I suffer from, it's one I live with. Too many times people fail to realise just how short life is and spend the majority of it whining and complaining about the hand dealt to them. For me, it's just a case of using four wheels instead of two legs, everything else and yes I do mean EVERYTHING else, still works so where's the problem? I hate to sound like some kind of sex obsessed freak but it does make me smile when people look at you with complete and utter shock when you tell them that you've fathered two children. While the wheelchair has sometimes been a little restrictive, it doesn't make you sterile, impotent or generally broken, an old wives tale that still seems to exist in the modern day world. I'll come back to that one later.

I am an IT professional, well apparently so according to my pass card that I use every day to clock into the office. I have a passion for Psychology which I am hopefully at some point going to complete my degree in...There's a frightening mix of people, an IT technician blended with a wanna be shrink, scary huh? I like to do everything else that most folks do, drink, scream like a madman at my favourite football team (soccer for you Americans), West Ham United, socialise and try to be creative whenever I can. The rest of me will become obvious through the posts ahead all being well although if you don't approve of a midget laughing at himself and at times the rest of the world, then this could be a bumpy ride.

Hold on tight, because here we go!


  1. HERE HERE! I didn't know you were an IT tech...SO AM I! lol

  2. Hello Will,

    Good to see you here mate and to be honest, I suspect there's a lot people haven't found out about me!

  3. I've enjoyed reading this so far! Looking forward to reading your future blogs all the way over here across the pond. ;)