Thursday, 8 April 2010

The Day Suge Knight Briefly Stopped Being Satan

It's no secret that I'm a wanna-be black man from California. My favourite artist growing up and still today was Tupac Shakur, so given his rumoured involvement in the killing of this rap legend, Suge Knight has never been on my list of tolerated celebrities. Yet now he is about to step into a Miami Court to sue Kanye West for $1million (£662,000) compensation after he was shot in the leg at a party organised by West in August 2005.

Go get him Suge.

Now don't get me wrong, I still hate Suge. The fact that he was declared bankrupt in 2006 and couldn't avoid being found guilty of assaulting his girlfriend in 2009 made me a happy midget. He's been to prison for drug offences yet I am sure there are many things that he's also not been caught for. I have no time for him and it's good to see that he has not managed to get away with everything in his life.

I used to be a Kanye West fan, I bought his music and I thought he really was the future of rap which is a genre that I feel has seriously declined in quality over recent years. Then he became a conceited freakshow of a man who almost began to develop a bizarre God complex about himself and his music. I'm no Taylor Swift but his public humiliation of what was essentially a young girl was disgraceful. The man thinks he is beyond reproach and frankly I'm tired of him. His music has gone from the good to the just plain odd as I'm convinced his overconfidence in his abilities has warped his precious little mind.

It's time that Mr West's ego took a hit and if it means it's got to be at the hands of Satan Knight then so be it. You need to learn Kanye that life doesn't always go your way and that if you make a mistake, there ARE consequences. You're not a God even if Suge does blow the money on drugs, sex and whatever else, at least you'll finally know what it's like to lose.


  1. oh so true Paul



  2. Are you actually a midget, then?

    Are there any other famous midget rappers apart from Bushwick Bill? I can't think of any...

  3. In answer to your question, I am technically a midget I'd say given I'm around 3 feet short ;) A rapper though? Hell no but it was always my 'big' dream to break onto the East/West Coast scene and make a few hit records...attend some parties and just generally live like 2Pac. One problem, I'm talentless although that doesn't stop so many these days lol